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going from DocEx -> printed docs

    Date: Mon, 18 Jun 90 11:41:51 EDT
    From: rpg@cs.brown.edu

    Increasingly, as I walk further into the innards of the Diabolics, I
    find that I come across some articles that are too long for me to read
    and digest inside the DocEx (the sys:function-parent doc is a good
    example of this).  

Hm.  the section for SYS:FUNCTION-PARENT is less than one screen long
for me (in 8.0).
		       I was wondering, is there any way to get out of the
    DocEx a pointer into the printed doc (at least a volume number)?  This
    would be a big help.

Not to be a smartass, but why not use Hardcopy Documentation on the
topic of interest?  You've found it by some style of browsing in the
DocEx, so presumably the path to it in the printed manuals is only
interesting because it gets you to the interesting text on paper.  But
printing just what you want for a topic of interest should be much more
useful, esp. for frequent future reference, than finding the
paper-documentation-path for that topic, which you would probably have
to write down somewhere.

Alternatively, the master (paper) index for the Symbolics documentation
works fine, once you know the exact name of the topic you are looking