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Path: rshu
From: rshu@ADS.COM (Richard Shu)
Subject: Screendumps in MacIvory 7.4 delivery worlds
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Organization: Perceptronics, Inc. Woodland Hills, CA (818) 884-7572
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 90 20:24:03 GMT
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This is posted for Nasser Irvani, a co-worker.  He wants to allow our
customers to print out screendumps in a MacIvory delivery world.
Unfortunately, the Hardcopy system is not included in this world.
Symbolics Software support has told us that this is fixed in Genera 8.0
but this doesn't help us with our current release which is in 7.4

Anybody out there have experience with this problem?

Richard Shu

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