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Screendumps in MacIvory 7.4 delivery worlds

    Date: Wed, 20 Jun 90 13:24:10 PDT
    From: rshu@ADS.COM (Richard Shu)

    This is posted for Nasser Irvani, a co-worker.  He wants to allow our
    customers to print out screendumps in a MacIvory delivery world.
    Unfortunately, the Hardcopy system is not included in this world.
    Symbolics Software support has told us that this is fixed in Genera 8.0
    but this doesn't help us with our current release which is in 7.4

    Anybody out there have experience with this problem?

In order to do screen (or any) hardcopy you have to have the Hardcopy
system loaded.  The basic Genera Delivery world, by definition, does
not have Hardcopy or anything else, other than System, loaded.

Requirements for certain capabilites in finished delivery world loads
that customers create to deliver their own applications, and the
dilemmas they create, were not fully addressed until Genera 8.0.  What
follows are a couple of possible solutions.

The best solution is to upgrade to Genera 8.0, and create the finished
delivery world in that environment.  In recognition of this kind of
problem, we ship with Development Genera 8.0 the binaries for some very
commonly desired "inner" systems: Zwei, Serial (required by Hardcopy),
and Hardcopy.  There is also Delivery Document Examiner (see below).
(On request, as a consulting job, we can also test "bare" in the
delivery environment, and create distributions for, other systems or
sets of systems.)

So for your purpose, in the Delivery Genera 8.0 world, you, as an
application developer, can just load the systems Serial and Hardcopy,
and then your own application.  Then you can save the whole thing as a
world load for delivery of your application

If you must stay in the 7.4 environment for a while, an alternative is
to purchase the 7.4 version of the Delivery Document Examiner product.
This is a set of systems which can be loaded into the Genera 7.4
Delivery world in order to install a Document Examiner.  It contains the
"inner" systems Zwei, Serial, Hardcopy, and NSage as components.  Get
this and you can just load Serial and Hardcopy if hardcopy capability is
all you want to add to your application delivery world.

I have no prices or particulars on the latter stuff.  Contact your
Symbolics sales rep.