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Fun with *zwei-comtab*

I'm using a Sun with the UX board and like it a great deal.  There is
one nagging problem, however.  In zmacs, the line feed key acts as the
line key.  This key is to small- so I normally end up hitting return and
then tab.  In my attempts to reduce keystrokes, I've tried the

Set package zwei ;; Note I'll use a $ instead of a sharp sign- mulitcs
doesn't like sharps (set-comtab *zmacs-comtab* '($\line com-insert-crs))
(set-comtab *zmacs-comtab* '($\return com-indent-new-line)) ;; This
basically should switch the two keys- or am I doing something silly?  ;;
When I move to zmacs and hit $\return- I end up in the debugger with ;;
an error I can't remember at the moment.  ;; If I hit $\line, no
problem.  It works like it should, i.e.  $\return.

Any ideas?  And no- I don't want to buy a symbolics keyboard for the

                   Many thanks, Bill