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SLUG-90 `Proceedings'? -- Call for volunteers!

    Date: Wed, 27 Jun 90 17:32 EDT
    From: miller@LOCAL.cam.nist.gov

    As it turns out, my invisibility was worthwhile: I decided not to go  to
    the conference because baby #2 was due early july but could  concievable
    be early.   In  fact  she  was;  June  21  right  in  the  middle of the


    conference, and she was in  a REAL HURRY to  boot.  Mother and baby  are
    doing great.

In a hurry to "boot"? oooooo, a real hacker pun.

barmar@think.com is trying to e-mail you his slides, and the mail bounced
(I gave him an address from one of your earlier messages). If you don't hear
from him soon, contact him. I'm including all of the e-mail addresses I had
from the conference chairs and presenters so you can bug them directly by
e-mail for slides.