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What to go to SLUG vs software-support

Are y'all saying that we need public guidelines on the desirable QUALITY
and QUANTITY of bug related mail. How could there be more constructive
guidelines, rather than draconian knuckle rappings?

As a sufferer from an insatiable appetite for unimagined happenings in
and around the bowels of the Lispm (and how it can be used), I can never
get enough of it - time and expense excepted.

One thing that you have not mentioned is what a gold mine it is to
search the old SLUG mail universe for that topic you now have to
implement - which on previous mail viewing made you yawn.

Respect for Symbolics the company and the technology - the goose that
lays the good eggs on which we all dine - is important. Killing the
technology by hammering your sales support person publicly is short of
In the UK, as in most of the non-US world, Symbolics is primarily a
sales outlet.  SLUG is the only practical link that we have to any sense
of community and the smell of technical professionals and thinkers -
within and without Symbolics. This visibly increases the credibility of
my work and applications in lisp.

BTW, if you have ever released a s/w product out in the market place,
you understand only too well how much you depend on constructive bug
reporting. Let's not starve Symbolics of our oxygenating bugs and ideas
through proper channels; rather, curb the pursuit of public mud slinging
at the expense of the organisation which is paying for our airwaves.

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