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SunIvory in Sun 4/280 Server

    Date: Thu, 5 Jul 1990 19:55:37 PDT
    From: widman@sumex-aim.stanford.edu (Lawrence Widman)

    Does anyone know whether the SunIvory board works with Sun 4/280 Servers
    that do not have graphics display consoles?  I've heard that site operations
    don't work with text-only consoles because these operations can be done only
    via the main console, not via ethernet.  This is important to me because I
    can get a great deal on a 4/280 but couldn't afford a 370.

The main console window can be put on any X server, it doesn't have to
be the console of the host Sun.  See the -display and -cl-display
options to the Genera command, which specify where the Lisp and FEP/Cold
Load windows should be displayed (I believe they both default from the
DISPLAY environment variable, so you generally don't even need to use

    Also, does anyone have experience with the SunIvory board in various Sun
    hosts, such as the 4/370, 4/110, or the Sparcstation using a VME-S bus
    adapter?  With SCSI drives versus SMD drives?  Comparisons with 3640
    performance would be appreciated.

I had a loaner UX400S in a 4/330 with SCSI drives.  It was noticeably
faster than my 3640 (few things these days are slower than a 3640 with
only 2MW of memory).  And it puts very little load on the Sun processor.