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Proceedings & MX Records

I've only gotten 2 responses; but they were very good. I'm getting near
to assembling and dispersing the notes if I dont get more soon.

But with various reconfigurations, installations and conflagrations,
I've been wondering; Maybe people are having problems with replying to
my mail address?

My limited understanding of things is that, using this as my mail address
implies that cam is a host in nist.gov. In fact cam.nist.gov is a
domain, but the name server for nist.gov punts by sending an MX record
to the effect that you should really be talking to fs1.cam.nist.gov
which IS a host (and in fact the name server for cam.nist.gov). Mail
sent to me @ fs1 SHOULD work.

[On the other hand, If you've replied directly to some of my past
messages, those with NBS-ONE as my host, those surely bounced.
Sorry.. it wont happen again...]

However, I've gradually come to understand that not all mailers can
handle MX records.  Can most? Can most of your hosts? Can the symbolics? 
Is this style of addressing `in favor' or `out of favor'?  Should I
forget advertising miller@cam.nist.gov as my address?

So, if 
doesn't work