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Planning and scheduling survey.

    Date: Wed, 27 Jun 90 15:05 PDT
    From: Robert D. Pfeiffer <RDP@ALAN.kahuna.decnet.lockheed.com>

	    From our recent attendance at the SLUG '90 conference, it has
    become very obvious that a significant fraction of Symbolics customers
    are engaged in work on planning and scheduling applications.  


	    Before anyone responds to the actual content of this message,
    however, I think we need a preliminary meta-discussion.  I'm concerned
    about not generating overwhelming amounts of E-mail and swamping those
    SLUG readers who would rather not see it.  On the other hand, perhaps
    the response to this wouldn't be voluminous enough to be a problem. 
    Some obvious alternatives are:

    1) Just go ahead and discuss this topic on the SLUG list.

    2) Everyone respond to me privately, then I summarize the responses and
    post them back on SLUG.  I would be glad to do this but my fear is that
    by not having a "free for all", I might stifle any ensuing conversation.

>From the responses that I got privately, I guess that this looks like
the best choice.  So to anyone who is interested, I invite you to send
me responses to my informal survey (and please feel free to ammend or
add questions/issues where you feel my questions are inadequate).  I
will then attempt to summarize and post back to the SLUG list.

    3) Create a special mailing list for this purpose.  Unfortunately, it
    would be infeasible for me to establish this at Lockheed (because of
    internal networking issues). 

    4) Move this discussion to another, already established mailing list.
    This might be good unless it results in too much dilution of the
    potential discussion.


(If you need another copy of the orginal E-mail message, just ask.)


Bob Pfeiffer