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Conflict between printer queue and file system backups

Our site homes both our Postscript printer and our major, backed-up
filesystem on the same machine.  (Screen dumps drag down a Lisp machine
considerably, and we cannot spare an entire machine simply for running
the printer.)  Unfortunately, a screen dump during a filesystem backup
forces the machine into the FEP.  (Thankfully, a simple Continue
suffices to get the machine going again.)  Our system administrator
cannot always babysit the machine throughout an entire backup.  Is this
printer/backup interference fixed in Genera 8.0 (we are still running
7.2 at the moment)?  If not, does anyone have a solution, other than the
obvious one of prohibiting screen dumps (or even disabling the printer
queue) during a backup?

	Lawrence G. Mayka
	AT&T Bell Laboratories

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