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CLIM on a UX displaying through Motif

   >>Date: Wed, 18 Jul 90 09:09 CDT
   >>From: dmitchell@BACKUS.trc.amoco.com (Donald H. Mitchell)
   >>OK, I want an application running on my UX to call CLIM routines to display
   >>through Motif.  Will it do that?  OK, but will it do it as a Motif window
   >>rather than a Dynamic Window?  ...

YY, which I presented at SLUG-90, is my approach for applications
which need the run time co-operation of Genera and X-window.
   >> ...
   >>Could someone draw me an architectural diagram showing what runs on the client
   >>and what runs on the server when executing an application that displays
   >>through CLIM?  Is there a CLIM server module that runs on top of the window
   >>	Client(UX400S)                          Server(Sun)
   >>CLIM client service                        CLIM server service
     YY-client process (on Genera)              YY-server process (on Sun)
   >>Application                                Window manager
   >>Symbolics, if you recoded your development windows to use CLIM and behave like
   >>whatever native window system the developer is running the Symbolics through
   >>(maybe as an option), it would really help me get more people more productive
   >>on the Symbolics and would break down more of the "but it doesn't fit into the
   >>environment" complaints.  As it is, the key bindings, mouse mechanisms, etc
   >>all require separate learning and switching gears as individuals go from
   >>coding under the window system to using the Symbolics console window.  It's
   >>not behaving like the other windows.  The first thing every developer asks me
   >>is why they can't cut and paste from the Symbolics window to the other
   >>windows, why the region manipulating commands are distinct from how the other
   >>applications work, etc.
Key idea of YYonX for Symbolics is to keep Lisp software of Symbolics
(do not migrate sources to UN*X machines) and use UN*X machines
to display.
"No Migration but Co-existence" means such things.

YYonX for Symbolics is under development. It's first version in alpha status is
available free through anonymous FTP from ftp.csrl.aoyama.ac.jp
( with 'cd YY'.
The mailing list is yyonx@csrl.aoyama.ac.jp
(request should be sent to yyonx-request@csrl.aoyama.ac.jp)

Since Nihon Symbolics is one of the supporting members of our research
and ILA and us are keeping a technical communication,
CLIM and YY can have a integrated or a uniform external specification
and we are discussing to have it in a near future, I believe.

We like to welcome everyone. 

Masayuki Ida @ the earth is small.