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X bitmaps from postscript

    Date: Wed, 25 Jul 90 17:28-0000
    From: peter@SKYWALKER.enterprise.dialnet.symbolics.com (Peter Magee)

    Does anyone have a little function to take postscript files and make X
    bitmaps thereof?  

    Peter Magee
    British Telecom

I'm not sure about on Symbolics, but it we've been using public software that
converts among many types of bitmaps, and it looks like it may include the
cabability you need to deal with postscript.  Specifically, the file FORMATS
which describes the softwares capabilities includes this:

    X11 window dump file                        reading writing
    PostScript "image" data                     reading
    Encapsulated PostScript                             writing
    color Encapsulated PostScript                       writing

Below are some excerpts from it's README file, I guess
you can get more info from the e-mail address that's included there (I don't
really know how we got our copy.)


                  Extended Portable Bitmap Toolkit
                      Distribution of 22nov89
                   Previous distribution 13sep89

Included are a number of programs for converting various image formats
to and from portable formats; plus some tools for manipulating the
portable formats.  The package is broken up into four parts (five parts
if you count this one, the zeroth part).  First is PBM, for bitmaps (1
bit per pixel).  Then there is PGM, for grayscale images.  Next is PPM,
for full-color images.  Last, there is PNM, which does content-independent
manipulations on any of the three formats.

I've tested this stuff under 4.2 BSD, 4.3 BSD, on Sun 3's 4's and 386's
and Sequents and Vaxen, with cc and gcc.  Nevertheless, I'm sure bugs
remain.  Feedback is welcome; send bug reports, enhancements, checks,
money orders, etc. to the addresses below.  Be sure to mention what
version you have when sending bug reports!

    Jef Poskanzer
    {ucbvax, lll-crg, sun!pacbell, apple, hplabs}!well!jef

Files in pbmplus.shar:

    README		this

Files in pbm.shar?:

    Makefile		guess
    Imakefile		for X11-type installations

    brushtopbm.c	convert Xerox doodle brushes to portable bitmap
    cmuwmtopbm.c	convert CMU window manager format to portable bitmap
    g3topbm.c		convert Group 3 FAX to portable bitmap
    icontopbm.c		convert Sun icon to portable bitmap
    gemtopbm.c		convert GEM .img format to portable bitmap
    macptopbm.c		convert MacPaint to portable bitmap
    mgrtopbm.c		convert MGR format to portable bitmap
    pcxtopbm.c		convert PC paintbrush format to portable bitmap
    picttopbm.c		convert PICT to portable bitmap
    rasttopbm.c		convert Sun raster to portable bitmap
    xbmtopbm.c		convert X10 or X11 bitmap to portable bitmap
    xwdtopbm.c		convert X10 or X11 window dump to portable bitmap

    pbmtoascii.c	convert portable bitmap to ASCII graphic form
    pbmtobbnbg.c	convert portable bitmap to BBN BitGraph graphics
    pbmtocmuwm.c	convert portable bitmap to CMU window manager format
    pbmtog3.c		convert portable bitmap to Group 3 FAX
    pbmtogo.c		convert portable bitmap to GraphOn graphics
    pbmtoicon.c		convert portable bitmap to Sun icon
    pbmtolj.c		convert portable bitmap to HP LaserJet
    pbmtomacp.c		convert portable bitmap to MacPaint
    pbmtomgr.c		convert portable bitmap to MGR format
    pbmtoptx.c		convert portable bitmap to Printronix
    pbmtorast.c		convert portable bitmap to Sun raster
    pbmtoxbm.c		convert portable bitmap to X11 bitmap
    pbmtox10bm.c	convert portable bitmap to X10 bitmap
    pbmtoxwd.c		convert portable bitmap to X11 window dump

Files in pgm.shar?:

    Makefile		guess
    Imakefile		for X11-type installations

    fitstopgm.c		convert FITS format to portable graymap
    fstopgm.c		convert Usenix FaceSaver file to portable graymap
    hipstopgm.c		convert HIPS format to portable graymap
    psidtopgm.c		convert PostScript "image" data to portable graymap
    rawtopgm.c		convert raw grayscale bytes to portable graymap
    tifftopgm.c		convert TIFF format to portable graymap

    pgmtofits.c		convert portable graymap to FITS format
    pgmtopbm.c		convert portable graymap to portable bitmap
    pgmtops.c		convert portable graymap to Encapsulated PostScript

[...the rest removed]