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Re: printing on Lisp-m from Unix host

	> Since this is the third query about this in the last month (and someone
	> at Symbolics called me on the phone to ask whether I knew of any such
	> software), and there has been no answer so far, it's pretty obvious that
	> there is no Symbolics LPD server.

   > This is not quite correct.  In response to a similar request a few months ago,
   > I received from J. Christoffel in Germany a piece of code that does this job
   > quite nicely.  It is free and available to those who ask.
   > HOWEVER, since we are in the process of getting rid of our Symbolics and I will
   > probably not be reading this mailing list much longer and since J. Christoffel
   > does not seem to be reading it very regularly, this (short) piece of code is
   > looking for a good home from where it could be distributed easily. Any takers?
   > Daniel Kirschen
   > dkirsche@shamash.cdc.com

Dan was nice enough to respond (off SLUG) to my first query "Looking
for an LPD Server" and I currently have the software he is refering to.
The version he sent me is for 7.2, and after a couple of modifications it's
working (nicely, as he says!) in 8.0.

I plan to keep the software current (since I need to use it!), so if
anyone would like a copy (now or later) please send me mail.

-- Terry O'Donnell