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:ROW-WISE option for presentation type ALIST-MEMBER

    Date: Fri, 10 Aug 90 13:14 EDT
    From: bill@CASSIOPEIA.Mystech.DialNet.Symbolics.com (Bill Anderson)

    Does anyone have any experience using the :ROW-WISE option with the presentation type
    ALIST-MEMBER? I know it's not documented, but is this a lack of the documentation? or is this
    code that hasn't been cleaned, with :ROW-WISE eventually being ignored? Can this be made to
    work the way it appears that it should? Easily?

You appear to be guessing the meaning of :ROW-WISE incorrectly.  It
affects the order of the choices only if they don't all fit on a line.
Here's what I see if I shrink my window and then try the two options
(you can see the width of the window from the wrapping of the "Command"

Command: (test-row-and-fill-options :row-wise t :fil
l-p nil)
Select a Choice: this is choice 1  this is choice 2
                 this is choice 3

Command: (test-row-and-fill-options :row-wise nil :f
ill-p nil)
Select a Choice: this is choice 1  this is choice 3
                 this is choice 2

The option that does weird things for me is :FILL-P T.  It sends the
choices that don't fit on the line off the right edge of the window.