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Risc vs Symbolics (was: Poor Sun timings, as competition...)

I know that real users compare whole systems (i.e. hw+so+compiler+env.+...)
but i was wandering if someone has tried to answer to the following
(silly) question:

Suppose to write a RISC (for example SPARC) code generator for the
Symbolics Compiler (and to write all the needed hardware specific
run-time), and then to compile the *WHOLE* Genera on a RISC

I suppose it should be possible, isn't it ? (don't care the
development costs, it is just an hypothesis).

How the result would compare to the original Genera on a Symbolics?

(Be fair: consider enough amount of core memory, and machine of the
same generation; consider a UNIX workstation or a bare workstation as
you need it).

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