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Procyon Common Lisp.

Since I've probably damaged my reputation beyond all hope of recovery
already by asking how to move from a Symbolics to a microExplorer, I
don't think I can make things much worse by asking the following.  <:-)

Can anyone tell me about Procyon Common Lisp?  I believe this only runs
on the Mac.  I've encountered some strong claims about the high quality
of their implementation (e.g. they were the first company to have a CLOS
implementation on a microcomputer, their debugger is better than Franz
or Lucid, etc).

Among the negatives, they don't have an ephemeral GC (but I understand
that they will in the next release) and they don't seem to benchmark
that well compared to other Lisps (such as Lucid).  I also don't know
whether they have any plans to support CLIM.

But this is all mostly hearsay and speculation.  Does anyone have any
hard data or experience that they would care to share?