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Lispm in the Sangre de Cristos

You probably didn't know that there is a Lisp Machine in the mountains
of Northern New Mexico.  From my studio in Taos, I consult on a wide
variety of projects using my Symbolics 3650.

I am actively looking for new consulting projects programming in Lisp on
my 3650.  I prefer medium-term projects, but I will consider projects of
any length.  When necessary, I can travel, although I prefer to remain
here in Taos.

I am very experienced in my line of work.  From 1986-1988 I worked for
Symbolics.  There I was responsible for writing the instruction-level
emulator for Sunstone, a RISC-based Lisp architecture.  Since then I
have been doing freelance work, mainly in graphics.  My latest project
was a boolean operations modeling tool built on top of S-Geometry.

You may reply to this message, and I will get your response over
dialnet, or you may call me directly at (505) 758-5514.  I hope we can
work together soon.