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SLUG Proceedings ... formatting

    Date: Wed, 22 Aug 90 17:25 EDT
    From: miller@GEM.cam.nist.gov (Bruce R. Miller)

    Anyway; I'ld like to `format' the scribe to a file, strip fonts by  hand
    if necessary, and viola (or is it voila?) I'ld have a pretty fair  plain
    text version!  Anybody know the trick?   I suppose I can display  to the
    screen, mark & yank, UGH! 30 pages!

;;; My meta-.s and disassembles brought me this, but be prepared to wait
;;; a wet week unless you have an XL3600 (400 1200 3600, 3 for luck?).
(with-input-from-string (input-stream "@center<@I\"Miller\" on @B(SLUG)>")
;(with-open-file (input-stream #p"your source pathname"
;  (with-open-file (output-stream #p"your output pathname" :direction :output)
    (let ((*terminal-io* *standard-output*))
       (zwei:format-stream input-stream)))

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