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Re: 1Re: autoboot services0

What we do here for fileservers and the namespace server is we have "File-Server"
automatically login.  The lispm-init file takes care of loading patches,
making necessary customizations, allocating more physical memory for LMFS
access, etc then enables services and notifies all machines that it is up
for service.  They are a number of ways to have a user automatically login.
One is with an initialization saved in the world.  We have build into our
worlds a hack that Rich Cohen wrote that looks for the a FEP file on the
local machine, FEP0:>local>local-machine-init.lisp.  In here I add a form
that adds to the timer queue code to auto login in file server if no one
has logged in within three minutes after booting up.  Rich's hack has the
nice feature that it renames the file to local-machine-init.copy before
"loading" it and then renames it back if no errors occurred.

The important thing for us is that the fileservers are initialized correctly
before services are enabled.