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Mailer strictly from lisp

System: MacIvory, Genera 8.0

I am trying to use the Mailer strictly from lisp.  So far I can
execute the function mailer:mail with to, subject, and message-body

	e.g. (mailer:mail "me@somewhere"
			  "this is the body of the message"
			  nil nil nil nil
			  "this is the subject of the message")

However, this brings up the Mailer (zwei) editor with the message
composed as desired.  To send the message it is necessary to press the
End key.

Does anyone know how I can send the Mailer process the End key via a
lisp function?  Since the above lisp form hangs up the lisp listener
in which it was entered until End is entered from the Mailer, I tried
to execute (zwei:process-command-char #\End) from another lisp
listener.  That did not work - other things were undefined.

Or is there an easy way to send a message with some other lisp
function in order to bypass the Mailer editor & interface?

Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

Kristina Fayyad			Center for Machine Intelligence
tel.  (313) 995-0900		Suite 102, 2001 Commonwealth Blvd.
Internet: kristina@cmi.com 	Ann Arbor, MI 48105