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Namespace extermination

For obscure reasons, the previous maintainer of our Symbolics machines
created two namespaces, call them M and I. For equally obscure reason, I
want to get rid of namespace I. 

I have deleted all I's entries after removing all the links between it and
namespace M, which mostly consisted of aliasing one particular namespace M
host as a namespace I host.  Call these host names HOST-M and HOST-I (which
stood for the same 3600). If I edit HOST-M in namespace M, I get no
indication of linkage. If I try to edit HOST-I in namepace I (or M), I am
told it does not exist.  But when doing an Add Services to Hosts command 
which mentions HOST-M an exception occurs complaining that it cannot find
namespace I. So some shadow of the old linkage persists.

I have also left the empty "I-*" files in the "Namespace" directory for
fear of causing some hand-up if I just delete them.

What should I do to eliminate all trace of namespace I?

Thanks in advance for any and all help,