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subnet masks

>    As a matter of fact, it was made in 7.2.2. I also cannot telnet to my
>    machines, although I can get ftp access (and I made the namespace changes way
>    back when I brought up 7.2.2). I have changed to a new cable which has a
>    non-default netmask (0xffffff00). There's no obvious way of telling the
>    lispm's this, and not being much of a network type (a) does the Symbolics not
>    care? and (b) if it does care, how is it told this information. I'm inclinded
>    to beleive (a) since I can get ftp access. Also, I'm posting this to the net
>    because I'm following up on a conversation AND I've gotten no reply or
>    acknowledgement from customer-reports since I mailed my report in a few days
>    ago.
>To set the netmask, add the INTERNET-SUBNET-MASKS user property to the
>Network INTERNET object in the namespace, e.g.
>User Property: INTERNET-SUBNET-MASKS (("" ""))
>See pp.23-24 of the Genera 8.0 IP/TCP documentation.  Previously this
>information was in the Genera 7.2 (or maybe 7.1) release notes.
>As to being able to FTP but not TELNET, have you called
>net:remote-login-on?  By default, remote logins are disabled if there is
>a user already logged in.
>                                                barmar
Actually, we just figured this one out for our machine too but we had
to use it like:
User Property: INTERNET-SUBNET-MASKS (("" ""))

It really seems to depend on exactly how your network addresses
are setup.

Joel Riedesel