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subnet masks

   Date: Mon, 24 Sep 90 16:38:14 MDT
   From: riedesel@daneel.den.mmc.com (Billy Joel)

   Actually, we just figured this one out for our machine too but we had
   to use it like:
   User Property: INTERNET-SUBNET-MASKS (("" ""))

That's the default subnet mask for such addresses -- if that's the correct
subnet mask then you're not doing subnetting, and you don't actually need
the property.

The default subnet mask depends on the first octet of the address.  If it's
1-127 the default mask is, 128-191 is, and 192-254 is

   It really seems to depend on exactly how your network addresses
   are setup.

Of course it does.  Why else would it need to be a configuration parameter?
My answer used as the subnet mask because he said that their
Unix systems use ffffff00 (Unix requires the subnet mask to be specified in
hex as a 32-bit unsigned number, rather than in dotted decimal notation).