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Re: 8.0.1 flod files and Rev 2 IO CLIM

  Date: Wed, 26 Sep 90 11:15 CDT
  From: "William D. Gooch" <gooch@tijeras.sw-sw.dialnet.symbolics.com>
  Reply-To: gooch%tijeras.SW-SW.dialnet.symbolics.com@riverside.scrc.symbolics.com
  Subject: 8.0.1 flod files and Rev 2 IO
  To: customer-reports@riverside.scrc.symbolics.com
  cc: slug%ai.sri.com@riverside.scrc.symbolics.com
  Since loading the 8.0.1 flod files on my disk a couple of days ago,
  I have been unable to boot my machine (a 3600 with rev. 2 IO) due to   
  a bus error that occurs when I do Clear Machine or Load Microcode.  
  The timing of these incidents may be purely coincidental, but I am
  suspicious because my machine had been completely stable for months
  prior to this.  I wonder if a particular ECO level on some of the
  boards is required for the new flods (I didn't see any indication of
  this in the 8.0.1 notes).  Unfortunately, I deleted the older flods 
  from the disk and the problem prevents my getting them back on it to
  see if it makes a difference.
  I have tried swapping boards (I have a complete set of spares) to no
  avail.  I also tried using a second copy of the flod files (same 8.0.1
  versions) that are on my second disk; no help there.  Has anyone else
  encountered this kind of problem?  Has anyone loaded 8.0.1 flods and
  used them on a 3600 with old-style IO?  Any help appeciated.

We had the exact same problem!  You might talk to Paul Neal of
Symbolics who replaced everything on our machine.  When he finally
replaced one of the disks the problem went away.  We still have problems
saving worlds though.  It starts to save a world but never finishes.