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Print Mac files to Symbolics Postscript printer

    Date: Fri, 5 Oct 90  11:34:58 EDT
    From: delaney@xn.ll.mit.edu (John R. Delaney)

						  Do I have to give the Mac
    side file a special suffix? Do I have to give some special argument in the
    Hardcopy File command?

You have to do one or the other of these.  That is, Genera will guess
the type of the contents from the extension of the file.  You can
override the guess by saying PostScript as the File Type to the Hardcopy
File command.

			   What about the LaserPrep stuff? Must it be included
    in every file?

Realistically speaking, yes.

If you are using Apple's Command-F while OK trick, I believe some other
shift key causes LaserPrep to be included in the file (Option would be
the obvious guess -- I haven't tried it, though).

You might be better off checking your favorite Mac BBS for something
superior.  I have seen a couple of shareware improvements to the
standard thing, which give it a more explicit user interface, including
selection of whether to include LaserPrep or not.