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Subject: DOS LISPS


People interested in DOS LISP:  sorry about the delay in my response
-- deadlines & such.  I'm mailing to the net and cc'ing to people who
wrote me specifically.

Summary of DOS Lisp Packages

Note: I have phone numbers for most of these.  A good source for most
of these is The Programmer's Shop (phone 800-421-8006); they have them
discounted somewhat from these list prices.  Also, I can't find my
IQCLisp sheet, so that entry is from memory.

Lisp: TransLISP PLUS
Vendor: Coder's Source
Phone: 617-331-0800
List Price: $309 (w/ runtime) 
Min. Mem.: 320k
Usable Mem: 640k
Compiler?: No, but runtime creates executable version
Complete CL?: ``400 CL functions''
Features/Notes: editor, help system, interface to C
Vendor: Integral Quality
Phone: 206-527-2918
List Price: $279
Min. Mem.: 256K
Usable Mem: 640K
Compiler?: Yes, file compiler
Complete CL?: ``most CL functions'', no compiler-let
Features/Notes: small flavors system, dos exec call, editor, on-line
Lisp: muLISP-87
Vendor: Soft Warehouse
Phone: 808-734-5801 (watch out, it's Hawaii)
List Price: $400 (w/ compiler)
Min. Mem.: 256K
Usable Mem: 640K
Compiler?: Yes, works as incremental or file-compiler
Complete CL?: much better than it was; includes a CL package
Features/Notes: package library includes math, CL, arrays and
structures, closures, flavors, and graphics; window support, editor,
and debugger; can add assembly functions to muLISP kernel
Lisp: NanoLISP
Vendor: MSC
Phone: 805-967-2270
List Price: $99
Min. Mem.: 384k
Usable Mem: 640k
Compiler?: No
Complete CL?: only 2D arrays!
Features/Notes: set of ``unCommonLISP'' functions, mostly graphics and
MS-DOS support
Lisp: Star Sapphire CL
Vendor: Sapiens Software
Phone: 408-458-1990
List Price: $99 
Min. Mem.: 640k
Usable Mem: up to 16M extended mem!
Compiler?: only incremental
Complete CL?: very close, no package support
Features/Notes: debugger, emacs, help system
Lisp: Lucid Common Lisp
Vendor: LUCID, etc.
List Price: $1895

I stopped asking at this point.  Lucid's and Gold Hill's may be
fantastic, but they were out of my price range.