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Re: FrameThrower vs CAD Buffer II for XL1200 color graphics?

    Date: Thu, 15 Nov 90 09:45:05 -0500
    From: kanderso@DINO.BBN.COM

      Date: Wed, 14 Nov 90 11:06 PST
      From: DDYER@riverside.scrc.symbolics.com
      Just by having a 1200 things get faster by a factor of 3, so any overhead-dominated
      operations (such as drawing zillions of small things) get faster by 3.   

    It may be that in general an XL1200 is 3 times an XL400.  But, it has
    been our observation that drawing lines on a color XL400 in genera 8.0
    is twice as SLOW as drawing in color on a 3640.  So the performance
    advantage may only be about 1.5.
I suspect you are referring to the "CAD-buffer equivalent" hardware on
the XL400.  If so, you are comparing the performance of Symbolics' color
hardware on the 3640 with that of third-party VME-bus color hardware
marketed for (but not designed for) the XL400.  I doubt such a comparison
is relevant to the performance of a framethrower or other XL1200 system.