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Arpanet Connection

    Date: Thu, 15 Nov 90 09:18 CST
    From: Shepard@MCKENZIE.S&C.Dialnet.Symbolics.COM (Tom Shepard)

    Does anybody have references on how a corporation can get an
    Arpanet connection?

The Arpanet no longer exists.  In its place is a collection of somewhat
autonomous networks, which are connected together by the NSFnet.  Most
of the autonomous networks are regional networks managed by educational
and research consortiums.  Another network is MILNET, which is the DoD's
piece of what used to be the Arpanet.  There is also a nationwide,
commercial network called PSInet.  The combination of these national and
regional networks with the connected LANs and the connected network in
other countries is called the Internet.

You should probably first contact your regional network (sorry, I don't
know its name, but check with the CS department at a nearby university,
since they're probably connected) and find whether your planned use of
the network is within their policies (the consortiums are generally
intended to support educational and research purposes, so purely
commercial traffic is not allowed).  If not, contact PSI, which was
incorporated specifically to target commercial users for which the
NSF-sponsored networks are inappropriate (note, however, that their
prices tend to be much higher than the regional consortiums' membership
fees); PSI's phone number is (800) 82PSI82.