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Does anyone have any experience of driving plotters from a Symbolics?
A while back I saw that there is some plotter code in the SLUG library - can anyone send me some
details - e.g. what plotter(s), what is the level of interface support?

I'm principally interested in:

1) which plotters are known to have been successfully hooked up to a Symbolics?
2) how much do they cost?
3) how hard it was
4) how big was the output it supported (continuous roll, A0, A1, ...?)
5) how hard would it be to link a plotter in to mechanisms such as format-graph-from-root?

Is there such a thing as a postscript-driven plotter?

I've no experience of using plotters or writing the relevant interface code for them, though I have written
interfaces for numerous other devices.  One of the purposes of attaching a plotter would be to produce hardcopy
of massive graphs produced by format-graph-from-root, so any leads on how hard this is likely to be would be much

Thanks in advance for any information

Guy Footring.