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postscript and graphic editor

    Date: Wed, 5 Dec 90 12:10:14 -0700
    From: s9274%srl1@LANL.GOV

    You can use :read image file <file> :format postscript to get an image
    which you can edit with the bitmap editor and scale in the graphic editor.

    This does not, however, sound like what you were asking for.

Actually, that would be quite acceptable, if it worked.  But when I try
it, on a PostScript file "hardcopied" by the Graphic Editor itself:

a) If the described picture contains a text string, I get the following

  Read Image File 1(from file(s) [default B:>LGM>junk>x-box.ps.newest]) 0B:>LGM>memos>tex>picture.ps.newest
1Trap: The first argument given to the SYS:*-INTERNAL instruction, NIL, was not a number.

0   Arg 0 (GRAPHICS::X): NIL
   Arg 1 (GRAPHICS::Y): 0
   Arg 2 (GRAPHICS::TRANSFORM): (7.92 0.0 0.0 7.47 ...)
s-A, :    Supply replacement argument
s-B:           Return a value from the *-INTERNAL instruction
s-C:           Retry the *-INTERNAL instruction
s-D, :    Return to Lisp Top Level in Dynamic Lisp Listener 1
s-E:           Restart process Dynamic Lisp Listener 1

b) Otherwise, the command completes, but without finding any images:

  Read Image File 1(from file(s) [default B:>LGM>junk>x-box.ps.newest]) 0B:>LGM>junk>x-box.ps.newest 1(format [default PostScript]) 
0PostScript 1(keywords) 0:Trim 1(Yes or No [default Yes]) 0Yes 
No images read.

Does anyone know how to get this to work?

	Lawrence G. Mayka
	AT&T Bell Laboratories

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