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Re: Strange network congestion

The 36xx machines will respond to any packet on the network.  You say
there are a large number of broadcast packets but you seem to indicate that
the HP monitor doesn't show TCP/IP activity.  If you really mean no
IP activity, then the broadcasts might be Chaos.  A Cisco router will
route Chaos packets and so I'd make sure the Cisco is not configured
to do Chaos routing.

If the HP is only looking at TCP packets, maybe you are getting a lot
of ICMP packets?

My primary suspicion is that you are getting broadcast storms because some
host has the wrong address.  Second guess is that some diskless Sun is booting
but its server is not responding so it is bashing the net with
*broadcast* TFTP requests (ain't Suns wonderful?), but the HP ought to
show that.  Third guess is the Cisco is doing Chaos routing and something
is wrong there.

Judging from the pattern you mentioned, maybe my first two guesses should
be swapped.  Check to see if some Sun is trying to boot but its server
is not responding.