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        Does anyone know if its possible to send E-Mail to 
        a user that is on CompuServe or Prodegy?  Do either
        of those systems support a gateway onto the 
        ethernet airwaves?
  Yes you can.  To go to a user on Compuserve, send to    userid@compuserve.com
  (for example, I'm at 73767.3247@compuserve.com)
  To go from compuserve to Internet, send to INTERNET> address
  (for example, I'm at INTERNET> rick@maxai.den.mmc.com)
  I'm PRETTY sure about that last one (but I haven't actually tried it yet!)
  You can get the specifics from FEEDBACK on compuserve if it doesn't work.
  I don't know about Prodegy.