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Slow Network

My Symbolics is attached to a couple of Vaxes on an Ethernet.
Recently, when Zmacs saves a file to a Vax, the file gets transferred
at about 200 or 300 baud (unacceptable).  How can I fix this.

Reset Networks does not work.

I first saw this after I tried to save a file containing Kanji
to a Vax that had just been rebooted.  It does not matter whether
the file contains Kanji or not, or is saving to that Vax or another.
I don't see the same problem when I'm logged into different
Symbolicses on the same net (about 3000-8000 baud normally).
There seems to be no problem reading files, just writing them.
The Vaxen are Unix mainframes.  I have Japanese 14.2 and WNN 1.0???
loaded.  I'd prefer not booting the machine.     Thanks,  John~~