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    {whisper: "CLOE"}

            [shouldn't someone from Symbolics marketing be doing this?]

I have been trying to get info on CLOE for at least six months now.
I first called Symbolics directly. They told me that I had to find out
who the MIT sales rep was. I didn't know who so I spoke with the Symbolics
field service person for MIT. He promised to get me info. After prodding
him several times to no avail and waiting six months, I called Symbolics
again directly. I specifically asked for extensive literature including
price lists and specifications on machine configurations needed to run
CLOE (absolute minimum amounts of main memory and disk space including
OS). All I received from them was a two page flyer which was several years
old. No price lists and only scant configuration information. I am very
disappointed on how difficult it is to get information such as this. Is
anybody using CLOE? Are they happy with it?