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Case sensitivity (was: CLtL, cleanups)

    Date: Thu, 10 Jan 91 13:26 EST
    From: Barry Margolin <barmar@Think.COM>
	Date: Thu, 10 Jan 91 09:29 PST
	From: Robert S. Kirk <rsk@SAMSON.cadr.amis.com>
	Beware that not all "Common Lisp" implementations have successfully (or
	accurately) implemented the readtable mechanism.  I have had trouble
	with set-character-translation on other systems (Symbolics does it right

    Huh?  SET-CHARACTER-TRANSLATION is not part of the Common Lisp spec, and
    I never suggested that use of it would be portable.  Common Lisp doesn't
    provide any way to change character translations, although the draft
    ANSI Common Lisp currently includes a mechanism to control case

    The question appeared on the SLUG mailing list, not COMMON-LISP, so I
    assumed a non-portable solution was acceptable.


Oh, gee, pardon me, I was working from faded memory, I thought we were
refering to the function SET-SYNTAX-FROM-CHAR which *is* Common Lisp.
SET-SYNTAX-FROM-CHAR is not accurately implemented in all Common Lisps.