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Case sensitivity (was: CLtL, cleanups)

    Date: Fri, 4 Jan 91 17:46 EST
    From: Bruce R. Miller <miller@GEM.cam.nist.gov>

    [BTW; If case CAN be preserved on a lispm, anybody know how other than
    the Readtable compiler (gasp)? Reply to me directly or SLUG;]

The macro form (si:rdtbl-trans <readtable> (char-code <char>)) accesses
the translation entry for a character in a readtable.  So, to turn off
upcasing, you can do:

	(loop for code from (char-code #\a) to (char-code #\z)
	      do (setf (si:rdtbl-trans *readtable* code) code))