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Installation problem.

    Date: Tue, 5 Feb 1991 18:32 EST
    From: dekleer@parc.xerox.com

    I'm being stymied by an installation problem that I can't seem to find
    the documentation for.  Can someone help out or point out where I should
    look or do?  I'm installing Symbolics machines on two different subnets
    and the routers between these nets do not forward chaos packets.  I want
    to have only one primary namespace server.  The :set site command asks
    for a chaos address, not an internet address and therefore is useless.
    Am I going to be forced to have a primary namespace server for each

I haven't seen any replies to this yet, so:

The Set Site dialogue asks for an address on the primary
network.  If you're using Genera 8.0 or later INTERNET is
supported as a primary network, and the NAMESPACE protocol
will work over TCP/IP.  See the documentation on "Using the
Internet as the Primary Network."