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GC questions

Hi folks,

I have some questions about gc on 3600-family machines.
I ran into the problem that static space grows very fast. Using Peek I
tracked the problem down to a particular area. [In my case it was
TV:BIT-ARRAY-AREA. This happend due to really stupid programming :-(.
The problem is fixed now but I still want the following questions
to be answered.]

I tried si:full-gc since it is the only way to gc static areas but
without success. The documentation says that si:full-gc gcs only
"some" static areas. [TV:BIT-ARRAY-AREA seems not to be included.]

Question 1:
Which static areas are gced by si:full-gc?

Question 2:
Is it possible to add areas to the above set?

But one not always wants to perform a si:full-gc with all the stuff on
its initialization list.

Question 3:
Is there a way to change the gc behavior of an area from :static to
:dynamic or are there implementation dependent or theoretical reasons
which makes this impossible?

The documentation claims that make-area is the way to dynamically change
characteristics of areas. Once more I weren't successful.

Question 4:
Are there restrictions to make-area for changing characteristics?

And if above questions from your point of view are all garbage then
refer to the following :-)

Question *:
How to selectively gc static areas?

Thanks in advance,
 Toni Beschta