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Color alternatives on Symbolics

    Date: Fri, 8 Mar 1991 10:18 EST
    From: Larry Mayka <lgm@iexist.att.com>

    Please bear with me a bit further.  Are you saying that an X terminal
    won't work with Genera 1at0 1all0 - i.e., it can't even display a single
    Genera screen - unless a UN*X box is present to provide the
    aforementioned services?  That would be sad if true, because my
    application cannot make such an assumption.  Perhaps I should ask the
    SLUG mailing list if anyone has written or ported some simple X manager
    to Genera.

An X terminal can display a Genera screen without the help of a Unix(TM)
box.  What you will miss are a variety of helpful utilities such as
window managers, xhost, xset, etc.  If you are dedicating the X terminal
to supporting a single Genera screen, you won't miss them much.  If you
are using the X terminal in a multiple-host multiple-application
environment, you will want them.

By the way, do even AT&T employees have to say "UN*X"?