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2 questions - Art for UX400 / services need login

    Date: Fri, 15 Mar 91 1:11:16 CDT
    From: aihaug@austin.lockheed.com (Daniel A Haug)

    I have two questions:

    - I've been waiting a couple of weeks for Inference Corp to answer
      this question, and I haven't gotten one yet.  I know their Art
      product runs on 36xx's and MacIvories, but will it run on a UX400?
      Their MacIvory installation instructions are pretty MacIntosh-specific.
      Any info is appreciated.

No idea about this one.  In theory, anything which is compiled for the
MacIvory should run on the UX400 unless it uses specific MacIvory
interfaces, but that doesn't prove anything, of course.

    - We are getting close to installing a fielded, operational system
      running on a UX400.  The application is strictly server-based running
      on the board.  The problem is that one cannot invoke a service on
      the machine without someone being logged in.  I suspect that I don't
      have my service defined correctly.  Can anyone help?

There are two possible interpretations of your question, so let me answer

1.  "One cannot invoke a service" might mean that the host replies
    "connection refused" when you attempt to connect to the service.  This
    means that services (or your particular service, anyway) are disabled;
    you need to enable services.  There is a flag in the namespace called
    "Server Machine" which, if set to the string "YES" (in upper-, lower-
    or mixed case) prevents services from being enabled when you boot the
    machine.  Yes, this is counterintuitive; it is intended to require
    that you log in as a specific server (loading its init file, which
    might initialize things before enabling services).  If you remove this
    attribute (or, as required, log in the machine after booting, and the
    init file you load has the form (SYS:ENABLE-SERVICES) in it) then
    services will be disabled.

2.  "One cannot invoke a service" might mean that the service gets
    invoked, but then when it goes to do whatever it is supposed to do, it
    notifies the keyboard operator that "Process xxx Server wants to type
    out" and when you select that process' background window you discover
    that it wants to log in.  In this case, you need to wrap
    FS:WITH-AUTOMATIC-LOGIN-TO-SYS-HOST around the body of your server:

 (net:define-server :my-service (:medium ...)
      ... the old body))

Or, if you define your server with a server flavor,

  (net:define-server :my-service (:medium ... :flavor my-service-server ...))

  (defflavor my-service-server (...)

  (defmethod (:server-top-level my-service-server) ()