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changing printer host

I am attempting to move picasso (lgp3) from bliss to cheer.
I changed the printer host entry, spooled printer
entries in both hosts, removed printer-queue-control,
printer-control, and hardcopy entries from bliss and
added them to cheer. Also added the print spooler entries
to cheer, etc. I then attached the SAME printer cable that
had been attached to bliss to the serial port on cheer
(bliss is a 3650, cheer an xl1200). WHen I fire everything
up (reboot to be sure that I am seeing the new entried, load
the print system,...) 		 , cheer complains that picasso  			 		
doesn't seem to be responding.
If I disconnect the cable, the complaint changes to not
attached. If I reset all the changes, and rewire to bliss,
I can print.

SO --- what gives? Any suggestions for the next step in
tracking this down? Could the serial port on the xl1200
be flaky (never had occasion to use it before, so I don't
know if it works). Seems strange that the host can tell that
the printer is there but not responding vs. not there at all
when the cable is removed.

All help is welcomed.

REPLY TO drstrip@cs.sandia.gov
(mailer to be fixed soon, I'm promised)