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Using a Sun tape drive under SunOS 4.1.1

We can no longer make tapes from the Symbolics because it hangs the Suns.
We've shown that a simple Unix script is sufficient to cause this hangup;
however, Sun and Symbolics have been unable to duplicate this behavior.  We've
shown this behavior on Sun 4/2xx's and 4/3xx's and 4/4xx's.  We know that the
tape access works under SunOS 4.1.0 or earlier but not 4.1.1

My plea: can anyone else duplicate this behavior or suggest possible causes?

Here's the script (put a tape in the drive and save everything you're doing


Here's it with comments

rmt		; start up the remote tape program
O/dev/rst0	; user input saying open the device
0		; user input parameter for open (arbitrary value in this case?)
A3		;rmt responded saying all is well
I5		; user input saying rewind the tape
1		; user input additional parameter to rewind
A1		;response if things work but under 4.1.1 system crashes before

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Tulsa Research Center
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