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a framework question

Fellow SLUGgers:

I used define-program-framework to create a menu-driven application on our 
color screen.  In Genera 7.2, all I had to do was to use the :superior
keyword in the call as shown below:

(dw:define-program-framework test
  :select-key #\o
  :superior (color:find-color-screen :createp t)

We just loaded Genera 8.0, and sure enough the program no longer goes to the
color screen.  Instead it displays on our black-and-white monitor.  I've
tried other simple framework programs given in the Symbolics documentation,
and they all have the same symptoms:  it works in 7.2, but not in 8.0.

Now, did Symbolics changed this option?  What needs to be done to get your
framework up on a color monitor in 8.0?

Thanks for the help

C. Huang

reply address:		huang%crcvax@bypass.span.nasa.gov