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Re: MacIvory Problem: Accessing the Floppy-Disk

	RWK@fuji.ila.com(Robert W. Kerns) wrote:

	I think what you're REALLY trying to do is to just have two
	disks with the same name.  But then, if you use pathnames for
	opening your files, etc, the system can't tell them apart.

	What you really want to do is to use Mac volume ID's and
	the various Mac calls which use them.  See the files
	of how to do this interfacing.  (And, of course, INSIDE-MACINTOSH,
	volumes I-VI).

No, that wasn't my problem! The system  *can* tell the files apart even  if I
do use the same pathnames for different disks. An example: I use disk 1 named
"Disk" and  a  function  from  lisp  to  access  files  on  that  disk  (e.g.
directory). Then I  put in  another disk  also named  "Disk" and  try another
file-access. Now the macsystem pops up 'please insert disk "Disk"'.

The system distinguishes between the  disk by the volume  ID, but I just  can
access them by pathname (there's just the function 'do-mac-volumes who  knows
something about volume IDs)

Since I already  had a  very different  solution for  my problem,  it doesn't
touch me any more. But  I think that's a  general problem of connecting  two
very different models of file-systems.


Inke Bruening
bruening@gmdzi.uucp			or			bruening@gmdzi.gmd.de