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Re: MacIvory Problem: Accessing the Floppy-Disk

    Date: Fri, 26 Apr 91 14:30:18 -0200
    From: bruening%gmdzi.uucp@warbucks.ai.sri.com (Inke Bruening)
    What I really wanted to do is to use two (or more) disks with
    the same name, making the machine "think" it is the same disk.

Well, you certainly DON'T want the mac to think they're the
same disk, or it will completely trash your filesystem, as
it makes some directory & extent updates on one disk, and some
on the other.

I think what you're REALLY trying to do is to just have two
disks with the same name.  But then, if you use pathnames for
opening your files, etc, the system can't tell them apart.

What you really want to do is to use Mac volume ID's and
the various Mac calls which use them.  See the files
of how to do this interfacing.  (And, of course, INSIDE-MACINTOSH,
volumes I-VI).