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MacIvories and Mac System 7.0?

    Date: Fri, 24 May 1991 16:54 EDT
    From: iannucci@watson.ibm.com (Bob Iannucci)


    I tried this today on a IIx MacIvory running 8.0.1 with the Symbolics Keyboard and
    Mouse.  So far, no problems as long as Mac virtual memory is turned off.  With
    virtual memory on, it crashes my IIx shortly after trying to start Genera (blank
    gray screen, no menubar, can't even get to MacsBug) requiring a restart via the
    hardware reset key on the side of the Mac.


In which folders did you place the MacIvory and Symbolics Keyboard files?

I suspect that the Key Layout desk accessory will no longer recognize
the Symbolics Keyboard.

You should find that typing Meta-E, amongst others, won't do anything
until you type it twice.  And, whatever character you type after the two
Meta-E's may itself be input twice.

You should find that the mouse documentation line won't change if you
press any of the modifier keys (Control, Meta, Super, Hyper).

The Power On key should no longer warp the mouse to the Apple menu.

As Doug said in his earlier message, we do not yet claim compatiblity
with System 7.0.  The first ECO to Genera 8.1 will include the necessary
changes to be System 7.0 compatible.  The ECO, however, will not include
any support for accessing the new features of System 7.0 from Lisp.