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re: machine doesn't know it has a tape drive

In response to my message about the 3675 that couldn't recognize
its tape drive, Feinberg@YUKON.SCRC.Symbolics.COM suggested:

   Although the drive may be physically installed in the machine, it might
   not be electrically connected.  Check the power cord which runs to the
   tape drive.  Is it properly plugged in? A 3675 should have an outlet
   just for the tape drive inside the cabinet.  Is the breaker on the tape
   drive switched to on? Is the data cable from the fep paddle card
   properly connected to the tape drive?

Sure enough, we followed the drive's power cables over hill and dale,
until they eventually disappeared into a black box -- with a breaker on it.
We flipped the breaker, and voila!  We're in business.

Thank you for the solution, and thanks also to everybody else who

Marian Williams