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rcs (or maybe similar) support for zmacs and gnu emacs?

i am curious about whether there is rcs, sccs, or some other kind of
version control support for:

	symbolics zmacs	(using suns as file servers)
			(using tcp (telnet i think))
			(under genera 8)

	gnu emacs	(is there an rcs.el?)

preferably the interface would be similar on the two machines, and
ideally there would be a mechanism for sending messages or stealing
locks on files a bit like that of gnu emacs' regular file locking

but any answer will do....  thanks.

(is this the first cross-post to these newsgroups, i wonder?)

... even a very _simple_ elisp interface to, say, rcs, might be nice,
because then, if it's small, it would be easier to convert to zmacs.
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