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8.1 Woes: X-Server; CDROM net access from 3600s.

Two 8.1 installation troubles.  (I've called S/W Support on these, but
I think they have their hands pretty full just now.  Maybe someone
else knows the answers, or maybe this can save someone else some time
by knowing about it before starting an install.)

First, we have a mixed site, MacIvories and 3600s.  Planned to use
MacIvory-hosted CDROM as SYS:**; to avoid Restore Distribution and
save disk space.  Looked good on the first, MacIvory host, but trying
to do a Load System (of IP-TCP) onto an 8.1 world on a 3600 resulted
in a failure: "Bug at server:" ... trying to send a :CLOSE message to
a CDROM probe stream, which is apparently a Bad Thing.  I haven't
tried hard to debug this one yet, but I'm now pretty doubtful about
using the CDROM for the main SYS directory.  (Sure glad we bought that
extra Gigabyte drive....)

Second: probably a simple question, as we've never used the Symbolics
X Server before.  Got it installed on a MacIvory, namespace entries
with X-WINDOW-SYSTEM TCP X-WINDOW-SYSTEM for both the MacIvory and
some YoonixBox, which is on the same "Secure Subnet" of the Site.
Select-<Square>. Start Server.  Now, on the other machine:

 YoonixBox% xterm -display
 Xlib:  connection to "" refused by server
 Xlib:  Client is not authorized to connect to server.
 Error: Can't Open display

This one I did try to debug a bit.  Managed to trace-break some
X-Server connection routine on the Symbolics side, and it is getting
called at an appropriate time, so the connection request is getting
over the net, but the Symbolics is denying the connection.  (Nasty
stuff, though, this X Server code; even the debugger seems to have
problems with this sorta transliterated C.)

I suspect that I'm just missing something here that authorizes
clients.  Some old X hand (with better documentation?) might know the
answer.  (I tried logging out of the Symbolics, which used to help
with starting Symbolics CLX clients, but doesn't appear relevant here.)

By the way, I'm _really_ pleased with the idea of bundled X.  We had
lots of fun yesterday, popping up Genera screens on the traitors'
SPARCstations.  Maybe soon I'll be able to hide my Symbolics console
altogether, thereby concealing my anachronism.  (PC pressures, as it

-- Rich Brandau
GTE Laboratories