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CDROM net access from 3600s.

    Date: Fri, 7 Jun 1991 07:22 EDT
    From: rjb1@gte.com

    First, we have a mixed site, MacIvories and 3600s.  Planned to use
    MacIvory-hosted CDROM as SYS:**; to avoid Restore Distribution and
    save disk space.  Looked good on the first, MacIvory host, but trying
    to do a Load System (of IP-TCP) onto an 8.1 world on a 3600 resulted
    in a failure: "Bug at server:" ... trying to send a :CLOSE message to
    a CDROM probe stream, which is apparently a Bad Thing.  I haven't
    tried hard to debug this one yet, but I'm now pretty doubtful about
    using the CDROM for the main SYS directory.  (Sure glad we bought that
    extra Gigabyte drive....)

This is a bug that we discovered too late.  We are working on a fix to
it, which should be available shortly through Software Support, and
will, of course, be in the first ECO release.  Sorry about the